A for ansvarlighed

Når du møder dette særlige ikon, kan du få indblik i vores arbejde med ansvarlighed. Det kan for eksempel være viden fra vores egen verden om ansvarlige investeringer eller principper for god selskabsledelse, eller det være fakta om klima, miljø og sociale forhold fra eksterne kilder. God fornøjelse!

The pension fund for academics

AkademikerPension admits academic degree holders.

The pension fund’s members are mainly employed in the public sector, at academic institutions and upper secondary schools, which offer pension scheme coverage according to collective agreement.

The pension fund also admits privately employed or self-employed academics.

The proceeds of the pension fund’s assets are enjoyed only by its more than 150,000 members.

The pension fund changed its name from MP Pension to AkademikerPension on 1 September 2020.

Annual general meeting

AkademikerPension's highest authority is the annual general meeting. The supervisory board has ten members, five of whom are directly elected by ballot by members from among members. One member is appointed by each of the three organisations: the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs (DM), the Danish Psychological Association (DP), and the Danish National Union of Upper Secondary School Teachers (GL). A further member is appointed by the organisations jointly, while a final member is directly elected by members at the annual general meeting. Supervisory board elections take place every three years.

Non-Danish citizenship

As a member of AkademikerPension and a non-Danish citizen, you are entitled to join a pension scheme under section 53A of the Danish Pension Tax Act. While your monthly pension contributions are counted as taxable income and taxed according to your taxation status, retirement payments are not taxed. The same applies if you choose to withdraw your pension savings should you decide to leave Denmark.

Contact us

Any questions regarding your pension scheme?
Please do not hesitate to call our pension advisors on + 45 39 150 150 or email us at medlem@akademikerpension.dk

For other questions, please write to: post@akademikerpension.dk

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Mondays - Wednesdays 9-16
Thursdays 9-18
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