A for ansvarlighed

Når du møder dette særlige ikon, kan du få indblik i vores arbejde med ansvarlighed. Det kan for eksempel være viden fra vores egen verden om ansvarlige investeringer eller principper for god selskabsledelse, eller det være fakta om klima, miljø og sociale forhold fra eksterne kilder. God fornøjelse!

This section, which provides a summary of the general coverage in your pension scheme (flexible scheme), also presents an overview of the many options available in our flexible scheme that allow you to adapt your coverage to suit your needs and those of your family. Here is a summary of how you are covered with regards to your pension scheme, considering that you have not opted for an alternative form of benefits. There is also the possibilty of adapting your cover so it matches the needs of your family.

The rules can vary depending on your terms of employment, just as a transitional scheme might apply depending on when you were admitted to the pension fund. The exact details are listed in Rules & Paragraphs.

The described pension, relates to the scheme created within your union agreement (compulsory membership) regardless of your admission date, whether it is after 1 January 2008 or if you have opted for the flexible pension scheme with effect from 1 January 2009. The rules might vary, if you have changed from the old to the flexible pension scheme.