AkademikerPension and its investment arm, MP Investment Management A/S (MPIM), are fully owned by the members. We welcome everyone who is appealed by our profile and values.

The pension fund is experiencing growing interest from new customers, who are attracted by our strong responsible investment profile and solid record with average returns of 7.6 % per year since 2009.

All investment decisions at MPIM are characterized by AkademikerPension's responsible investment policy. As our focus is to generate high returns through responsible investing, we actively pursue sustainability by devolving fossil fuels and other unsustainable investments.

While the majority of our funds are managed by its staff of 25 investment experts, some MPIM funds are outsourced to external experts, who are carefully selected for their expertise in specific investment areas. External fund managers are bound by MPIM’s responsible investment policy and are continuously assessed by our responsible investment team.

AP/MPIM enjoys some of the lowest costs among institutional fund managers in Denmark, because our expenditure was negotiated on the basis of AkademikerPension's entire portfolio of DKK115bn.

The day-to-day operation of MPIM is led by Chief Investment Officer Anders Schelde, who holds master’s degrees in Economics and Business Administration. Before joining MPIM, he was CIO at Nordea Life & Pension.