A for ansvarlighed

Når du møder dette særlige ikon, kan du få indblik i vores arbejde med ansvarlighed. Det kan for eksempel være viden fra vores egen verden om ansvarlige investeringer eller principper for god selskabsledelse, eller det være fakta om klima, miljø og sociale forhold fra eksterne kilder. God fornøjelse!

If you disagree with our decision in your case, we encourage you to take it up with the handling department before contacting the complaints manager. Our experience is that many disagreements can be solved through dialogue, which is often the best solution for all parties involved.

Complaint resolution procedures
If you are not satisfied with the outcome after discussing it with the relevant department, please write to the pension fund’s complaints officer, who will assess your case. Serving as a liaison between the administration and the complainant, the complaints officer is responsible for handling appeals of the administration's decisions.

Please address your complaint to AkademikerPension’s Complaints Officer, Thomas Dahl Hurrelbrink, at klage@akademikerpension.dk

The Insurance Complaints Board
If the disagreement remains after the Complaints Officer (and possibly AkademikerPension’s board) has considered the case, you can bring it to the Insurance Complaints Board by completing a form downloadable from www.ankeforsikring.dk

The board can also be reached at:

Ankenævnet for Forsikring
Anker Heegaards Gade 2, 1
1572 København V
Tel. 33 15 89 00 (10am–13pm)

A fee of DKK200 is payable for complaints to the Insurance Complaints Board. The fee is returned to you if the board decides fully or partly in your favour. It is our policy to follow a decision made by the Insurance Complaints Board, but we reserve the right to appeal it within 30 days.

The courts or arbitration
Instead of bringing a case to the Insurance Complaints Board, you can:

  • Bring your case to court or
  • Require settlement through arbitration

You can also bring your case to court if the Insurance Complaints Board did not decide in your favour or if we rejected its decision.

European Commission's online complaint portal
Members residing in another EU country may also bring their complaint before the European Commission, at the European Commission´s complaint portal.
Our email address should be entered in the complaint: klage@akademikerpension.dk